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Interested in attending a clinic by Lydia Smith? Take a look at what we have available for 2025 below!

If you're interested in one or more of these clinics, please email with the clinic you'd like to join. 

Starting an untouched horse/mustang


Location: TBT | Cost: $150-$300 | Duration: 4 sessions/2 days

Whether you are brand new to working with horses, need a refresher, or are a seasoned horse person looking to see from a different point of view, this is a great clinic to be a part of. During this clinic, you’ll see Lydia Smith work with a mustang fresh out of holding & still completely untouched. She’ll go through her methods of showing how she gains a mustang's trust and friendship. This will include first touches, analyzing the horse's personality and troubleshooting problems that might come with it, introducing the halter, teaching the horse how to accept all over touch, and more. This clinic will run for 2 days with 2 sessions a day. One 2-3 hour session in the morning & one 2-3 hour session in the evening. Cost is $150 per day.

This clinic is limited to 5 participants. 

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Preparing a horse for the saddle (No-buck method)


Location: TBT | Cost: $100 | Duration: 3-4 hours

Starting & breaking a horse is exciting and comes with great reward, but also great challenge. Especially if you’re new to it. In this clinic you’ll learn the steps in introducing a horse to a saddle and learn how to be respectful and patient with the horse. This method is not built on speed, but trust & willingness. I believe in not even giving the horse the idea that bucking is okay as it can bring more problems later down the road. Not only that, but I don’t believe the first saddling experience for a horse should be stressful and hectic. While it may be the quicker route to just throw on the saddle without any preparation and let the horse “buck it out”, it certainly isn’t the best route in maintaining a trusting relationship with your horse. 

This clinic is limited to 10 participants. 

Hunting/Camping with horses


Location: TBT | Cost: $175 | Duration: 4-6 hours

Hunting and/or camping with horses is a great way to spend time in the mountains. However, with horses, comes more responsibility. This is a great clinic to attend to build a good foundation on knowing how to care for horses while in the mountains. We will cover overnighting with horses and different methods you can use, equine first aid, gear, necessities, food & water sources, leaving no trace, and more.

We will have a lunch break provided by the clinic halfway through.   

This clinic is limited to 10 participants.


Women’s Only - Intro To Hunting

DATES: August 2nd - August 3rd

Location: Bone, ID | Cost: $1,100 | Duration: 1 Full Day

As someone who got into hunting by themself, I know how difficult it is to know where to start and everything you should know right off that bat. I learned much of what I know now from much trial and error. With this clinic I hope to spare you of precious time spent learning the hard way and share what knowledge I’ve gained from the 9 years I’ve been hunting with you, so you have a better & safer start to your hunting journey. We’ll go over safety, necessities, gear, overnight camping, solo hunting/camping, breaking down game, and more.

This is an overnight clinic, food will be provided.


This clinic is limited to 7 participants. 

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